A Docker repository is a lightweight virtual machine image.

NOTE: store()-ing a DockerRepository created in the Python client will always result in it being treated as a reference to an external Docker repository that is not managed by synapse. To upload a docker image that is managed by Synapse please use the official Docker client and read http://docs.synapse.org/articles/docker.html for instructions on uploading a Docker Image to Synapse

DockerRepository(repositoryName=NULL, parent=NULL, properties=NULL, annotations=NULL)



the name of the Docker Repository. Usually in the format: [host[:port]/]path. If host is not set, it will default to that of DockerHub. port can only be specified if the host is also specified


the parent project for the Docker repository


A map of Synapse properties


A map of user defined annotations


An object of type DockerRepository


if (FALSE) {
dr <- DockerRepository(repositoryName = "test", parent = "syn123")
dr <- synStore(dr)