Creates an IMMUTABLE storage location based on the specified type.

synCreateStorageLocationSetting(storage_type, ...)



the type of the StorageLocationSetting to create


fields necessary for creation of the specified storage_type, as described below


For each storage_type, the following named values should be specified:

ExternalObjectStorage: (S3-like (e.g. AWS S3 or Openstack) bucket not accessed by Synapse)
- endpointUrl: endpoint URL of the S3 service (for example: '')
- bucket: the name of the bucket to use

ExternalS3Storage: (Amazon S3 bucket accessed by Synapse)
- bucket: the name of the bucket to use

ExternalStorage: (SFTP or FTP storage location not accessed by Synapse)
- url: the base URL for uploading to the external destination
- supportsSubfolders(optional): does the destination support creating subfolders under the base url (default: false)

ProxyStorage: (a proxy server that controls access to a storage)
- secretKey: The encryption key used to sign all pre-signed URLs used to communicate with the proxy.
- proxyUrl: The HTTPS URL of the proxy used for upload and download.

Optional named arguments for ALL types:
- banner: The optional banner to show every time a file is uploaded
- description: The description to show the user when the user has to choose which upload destination to use


the created StorageLocationSetting