Create a storage location in the given parent, either in the given folder or by creating a new folder in that parent with the given name. This will both create a StorageLocationSetting, and a ProjectSetting together, optionally creating a new folder in which to locate it, and optionally enabling this storage location for access via STS. If enabling an existing folder for STS, it must be empty.

synCreateS3StorageLocation(parent=NULL, folder_name=NULL, folder=NULL, bucket_name=NULL, base_key=NULL, sts_enabled=FALSE)



The parent in which to locate the storage location (mutually exclusive with folder)


The name of a new folder to create (mutually exclusive with folder)


The existing folder in which to create the storage location
(mutually exclusive with folder_name)


The name of an S3 bucket, if this is an external storage location,
if None will use Synapse S3 storage


The base key of within the bucket, None to use the bucket root,
only applicable if bucket_name is passed


Whether this storage location should be STS enabled


a 3 element list of the synapse Folder, a the storage location setting, and the project setting dictionaries


if (FALSE) {
folder_and_storage_location <- synCreateS3StorageLocation(parent='syn123', folder_name='test_folder', bucket_name='aws-bucket-name', base_key='key/in/bucket', sts_enabled=TRUE)

folder <- folder_and_storage_location[[1]]
storage_location <- folder_and_storage_location[[2]]