A Dataset is an Entity that defines a flat list of entities as a tableview (a.k.a. a "dataset").


An R6 class object.


  • Dataset(name=NULL, columns=NULL, parent=NULL, properties=NULL, addDefaultViewColumns=TRUE, addAnnotationColumns=TRUE, ignoredAnnotationColumnNames=list(), annotations=NULL, local_state=NULL, dataset_items=NULL, folders=NULL, force=FALSE, description=NULL, folder=NULL): Constructor for Dataset

  • addColumn(column):

  • addColumns(columns):

  • add_folder(folder, force=TRUE):

  • add_folders(folders, force=TRUE):

  • add_item(dataset_item, force=TRUE):

  • add_items(dataset_items, force=TRUE):

  • add_scope(entities):

  • empty():

  • has_columns(): Does this schema have columns specified?

  • has_item(item_id):

  • removeColumn(column):

  • remove_item(item_id):